पोखराको फेवा तालमा मान्छे डुब्नुको कारण खुल्यो, तालको बीचमा दुब्नेका आफन्तले गरे यसो ! (भिडियोमा)



In thi video we can see the talk with the relatives of suprim lama who was sink in phewa lake and still the body is not found yet. Phewa Lake, Phewa Tal or Fewa Lake is a freshwater lake in Nepal located in the south of the Pokhara Valley that includes Pokhara city; parts of Sarangkot and Kaskikot. The lake is stream-fed but a dam regulates the water reserve, therefore, the lake is classified as semi-natural freshwater lake.

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस्