पुजा बोहरा लाई मैले गलत गरेको रहेछु भने मलाई मृत्यु दण्ड दिईयोस…(हेर्नुहोस् भिडियो)

Meuka Thapa is the founder and president of Raksha Nepal who has been into controversy due to Puja Bohara case. Menuka Thapa has been criticized when Puja Bohara did a press meet and shared that Raksha Nepal and Menuka Thapa are the culprit behind her gang rape and she was forced to stay quiet to save her life.

Menuka Thapa during an interview shared that she has not done any mistake and she was always standing for the justice of Puja Bohara. Menuka shared that she has always gave support to Puja Bohara during her hard time and she will always stand for the justice of Puja Bohara. Menuka claims that if she is proved wrong than she is ready to get any punishment. Watch an exclusive interview with Menuka Thapa right here:

प्रतिक्रिया दिनुहोस्